Drive Pilot: Mercedes Commercializes Level 3 Semi-Autonomous Driving

In February 2017, when former German Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt wondered about the German manufacturer’s ability to remain at its best for a decade after his mission, Mercedes was not on his side. As of December 2021, the manufacturer has received approval for Level 3 autonomous driving or SAE 3 from the German Federal Automobile Transport Agency (KBA). Equip your vehicle with an internationally validated autonomous driving system. For reference, the test track (68 km section) is between Metz and Merzig, a German city located in Saarland, and is licensed under a letter of intent from the German and French ministers. Featured article: Featured article: Mercedes has announced the launch of a semi-autonomous driving system called Drive Pilot from 17 May 2022 after improving its tests. It is available from €5,000 for the S-Class to €7430 for the EQS (€2,430 for driving aids + €5,000 for the drive pilot). On the other hand, the Drive Pilot will only be installed on new cars because additional hardware needs to be installed in addition to the software part. speed of 60 km/h. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is mainly used in traffic jams or when road traffic is congested. Note that the semi-autonomous driving system is activated via controls located on the left and right edges of the steering wheel. Content continues below. Once activated, Drive Pilot monitors speed, distance and keeps the vehicle in lane while taking into account the route, any events and of course traffic signs. The system can perform evasive maneuvers and braking on its own. It also intervenes if the driver does not respond to a request to regain control of the vehicle. Finally, Drive Pilot can also recognize emergency vehicles. Drivers who are “freed” from driving can do all of their other jobs, such as surfing the web, reading emails, chatting with friends or watching movies, all from the central infotainment screen. The three semi-autonomous driving is enabled by a number of ultrasonic sensors as well as radar, camera and Scala 2 lidar signed by French equipment manufacturer Valeo. This third-generation Rider has tripled its range with increased resolution and angle of view. As a result, the Scala 2 works regardless of weather conditions, is insensitive to “changes in brightness”, is not blinded by the sun’s rays, and can see in the dark. The next level of automation for Mercedes is the integration of Park. Pilot allowing vehicles to park themselves Currently Germany is the only European country to have approved level 3 autonomous driving. German manufacturers are working to certify drive pilots in California and Nevada, which are pioneers in this field. But in the US, the competition is more fierce. Cadillac’s Super Cruise (#1 in Consumer Reports), Tesla’s Autopilot and Ford/Lincoln’s CoPilot 360 Recommended articles: Ads, your content continues below.
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