Visuellement, le Classe T se détache nettement du Citan. Le nouveau ludospace propose affiche une silhouette plus élancée

Car test – Mercedes T-Class, MPV in main mode

By Gil Martin Sep 4 13:32 Métropolitain See my news Follow the media Visually, Class T is definitely different from Citan. New MPV with a slimmer silhouette (©Mercedes) With the launch of the T-Class, Mercedes is renewing its range in the non-MPV niche market. all. This MPV is a descendant of the Cita, which was created through an industrial agreement with Renault about 10 years ago, mainly an adaptation of the mythical Kangoo, which did not have the expected success, but Mercedes’ interest at the time was more luxurious. It can provide a small and compact utility. Based on this experience, the German manufacturer has designed a new MPV that is more in line with the brand’s stature. The T-Class also starts at 29,000 euros. And at this price, Mercedes seems to have won the bet. Space for 5 The T-Class is perfectly versatile and offers high-quality finishes and impeccable equipment. The MPV is large enough to provide space for 5 passengers (4.50m long and 1.81m high). The décor is comfortable and the interior atmosphere is at the pinnacle of the Mercedes world. Finishing, material selection, decoration, layout and dashboard presentation: everything is a rather advanced version. A true MPV, this T-Class will satisfy the needs of families who seek comfort rather than performance (© Mercedes) and Progressive” Visually, the T-Class also stands out from the Citan. With a raised bonnet, tapered lights, well-marked wheel arches encircling 16 or 17-inch alloy rims, a bit of coquetry, and a “Mercedes-Benz” rear, the T-Class also highlights the entire tailgate and frames it with thin vertical eyes. It benefits from a highly successful design with light strips: boot-loading compartments for easy access In terms of petrol or diesel engines, the T-Class is available in petrol or diesel versions and comes in two finishes: “Style” and “Progressive” respectively. The diesel is a 1.5-liter turbo engine with 95 or 116 horsepower and a 1.3-liter turbo four-cylinder petrol engine delivers 131 horsepower Mercedes announces the upcoming arrival of the electric T-Class, but surprisingly the range ignores the hybrid engine The interior ambiance fits into the Mercedes world: finishes, material selection, decoration, layout and dashboard presentation (©Mercedes) In fact, the T-Class is not designed for speed, but for comfort and safety. On the road, the MPV behaves like a sedan, and drivers can count on the many driving aids offered by the machine Click here to read Less than €30,000 at the start This T-Class is a true MPV after all will meet the needs of families looking for comfort, not performance, so Mercedes targets middle-class families who can afford a new Mercedes for less than €30,000 1/3 2/3 Fuel consumption: 6.6 to 7.3L/ 100km (mixed WLTP) CO2 emissions: 150 to 165 g/km CO2 penalty: €983 to €3,119 Price: €29, 712 (Style) and €32,312.40 (Progressive) Was this article helpful? You can follow the Métropolitain from the Mon Actu space. After registration, you can find all the news from your favorite cities and brands with one click.
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