Tested – Porsche 718 Boxster Edition 25 Years, Double “Standby” Collector

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Porsche is releasing a very limited edition of the “small” sports Boxster. This model is, in many ways, an exclusive model that will record the history of the manufacturer. The greatest case of energy conversion. The variety of SUVs (the best-selling Cayenne and Macan) are now mostly hybrids, as are the 100% electric car models the Panamera sedan, with real commercial success (41,200 models sold last year, doubling in two years), and now the iconic 911 More sold than ever!), two new 100% electric models are in the works, and the proof is there. Porsche benefits from green. And that also doesn’t take into account the research on promising synthetic fuels… The historical part of a “pure sports car” that will be published in the biography remains. It’s the delicate work of a manufacturer who has a deep attachment to the heat engine and the appeal of the brand’s iconic six-cylinder flat engine. A difficult but first step was a source of savings and efficiency for engines that were difficult to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions a few years ago with turbochargers. This version has a six-cylinder center rear. location. © Antoine LarigaudriePorsche: Permanent Revolution Success But inevitable. The next generation of the 911 will be hybrids, and the compact 718 Boxster/Cayman should also start. After all, electrification is part of the DNA of Porsche, the first manufacturer to develop the amazing 918 Spyder, a plug-in hybrid supercar in 2011. It’s still time! And this 25th anniversary special edition is already a collector’s favourite in many ways. This limited edition features the typical colors of the first-generation Boxster. © Antoine LarigaudrieAlready, this event celebrates Porsche’s undeniable ability to “shake” its own customers and win market share. Originally primarily focused on manufacturing the famous 911, the sports and race car manufacturer has nevertheless succeeded in imposing substantial diversity within its own bounds, despite having frowned upon its traditional customers for decades. Cylinder models, Grand Touring V8, sedans, SUVs, now electrified… And always in pursuit of success and profit! The real lesson of marketing Advantage: The exclusive and evocative model The Boxster/Cayman followed this logic, and was originally intended to further expand the sports audience on the side of light car enthusiasts. At the time, it was an initiative that puzzled brand enthusiasts with the adoption of a compact chassis with a central rear engine. And yet… Another success. Mayonnaise had its place, and Boxster had a stellar career. It sold about 10,000 copies a year… Renowned for inheriting the basic recipe that made the 914 (made with Volkswagen) a success and taking James Dean farther than us on the 550, sadly. Only 1250 copies of this anniversary version are produced. © Antoine LarigaudriePorsche presented the original Boxster concept car in 1993, a commemorative version of the test that accurately reproduces the characteristics of the prototype down to the smallest detail. Gold and special matching rims… This very limited edition (1250 pieces, no more) lacks style and is completely different from the production Boxsters. A real “old-fashioned” machine requires a little twist to ride, but after just one install, we’re captivated by the comfort of the seat and the “fixed” feeling that all controls naturally fall into our hands. The interior finish has always been first-rate at Porsche, but here it takes a much bigger dimension with this particular red upholstery with very fine stitching, brushed aluminum veneer and a few “old-fashioned” details that truly set this car apart. The time, the hand-clock chronometer, the somewhat retro looking Bose audio infotainment system (which is getting rarer with a CD player!) and even a real cigarette lighter (much more). He said that the red passenger seat takes on the historic color. In the history of Boxster. © Antoine Larigaudrie Obviously, the sensory delights begin when the engine is started via a fixed key on the left side of the steering wheel. And we happily rediscover the distinctive melody of the brand’s signature six-cylinder flat engine. 4 liters, atmospheric pressure, 400 hp… It’s placed behind the seat and still inaccessible, but its presence and amazing sound really make you feel one with the car. This Boxster has, of course, the famous pointer chronograph. Porsche. © Antoine Larigaudrie Thanks to this arrangement, the Boxster also benefits from one in the front (small but tall) and two trunks at the rear of the engine. stern. With a combined capacity of 280 liters, these two lodgings aren’t ridiculous and can carry the equivalent of two large sports bags or a little more. Enough to consider a weekend for two people, even a short one, very serene! The only constraint: if you’re shopping, avoid fresh products in the back too close to the engine. With no turbo, the machine enjoys impressive, direct acceleration, as well as cruising comfortably with your hair fluttering in the wind (it takes 7-8 seconds to open and lock the electronic soft top) as much as a hard attack. But not necessarily harsh. (4 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h). What’s more, you don’t have to go any faster to take advantage of the dynamics, precision and rigor of this lightweight chassis that handles insanely crazy cornering speeds. The test model is 400 horsepower. © Antoine Larigaudrie Moreover, if Hyundai tends to be overweight with each generation because of soundproofing and safety, then the Boxster, which has only lost 200kg in 25 years (the 911 is over half a ton since 1964!) The wheel pleasure is truly impeccable engine and absolute It’s endless fun backed by a powerful PDK automatic gearbox (for purists, you can also use a good manual gearbox for these 25 years!). Finally, keeping the road is proverbial and excellent braking. For those who appreciate the beautiful mechanics and good senses, every trip is a real pleasure. Of course, with fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of 230g/km that will struggle to get below 15l/100km in town, the machine deserves an absolutely demonic penalty of … 40,000 euros (even 50 euros next year). . But customers of this type of model have already become accustomed to the idea of ​​u200bu200bpaying for a second very good car. Low-speed, unpleasant feeling accentuated by a very large rotating circle (11 meters). It takes a little bit of care to maneuver, but a helping hand comes quickly and this Boxster is surprisingly easy in everyday life. It’s also firm in damping but flexibly digests speed bumps and potholes. A truly successful balance Porsche 718 Boxster Edition 25 years is billed at 110,970 euros in a test configuration. © Antoine Larigaudrie Eventually, this 25-year-old Boxster compiles two collector items into a single model. It is undoubtedly one of the last 100% thermal and 100% atmospheric Porsches, and despite its uncertain start, it is a symbol of the historic page that will be switched while celebrating all the characteristics of the car that it imposes as a model of the car. Rigidity, lightness, sportiness and dynamism keep practicality to a minimum. Addictive test model to your liking: Porsche 718 Boxster Edition 25 years – price 110,970 euros.
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