Formula 1: Mercedes, an arrow in search of money

By Lucas Michel Posted Sep 29, 2022 at 18:06, Updated Sep 30, 2022 at 10:00 am Will George Russell and Lewis Hamilton take their first win of the season? ARIF KARTONO / AFP Germany’s national team rebounded amid difficulties at the beginning of the season and are aiming for second place in the manufacturer. First win this weekend in Singapore. The end of abundance came early in Mercedes. The German team, accustomed to flying a Formula 1 world championship in 10 years, is back in the ranks this season. At least at the beginning of the season. In many races, Mercedes is better. Observing facts reflected (8 podiums from last 9 GPs), it looks like the team is a (very) solid third force on the grid. Also see Formula 1: Singapore’s Verstappen World Champion. …in short, there is hope. And the smile is back from Brackley. After a playful appearance during the team’s Malaysian phase, Toto Wolff’s boss wanted to announce the extension of his title partner Petronas. “We have made great strides since the start of the season. It’s a great return to the credit of the German-fashioned team. We have to keep going but we have to learn and make the most of every opportunity. George Russell doubles , but still not their first victory in 2022 (2nd Hamilton behind Verstappen, 3rd Russell) Stable #1 cult of the hybrid era and above all Lewis Hamilton cult. Not a single white season since their 2007 debut. The world doesn’t end just because you’ve never beaten a seven-time world champion you’ve never played before, but Sir Lewis doesn’t despair anyway: “Six games left, so your chances of winning are six.” He got the chance to unleash his ambitions and invited his team to aim for second place in the Builders Rankings at an unattainable level (35 points behind Ferrari) Singapore Grand Prix, most tiring but most highly rated “on paper” in Singapore At the forefront of hopes, his W13 good health was reflected in the regularity of his team-mate Russell, which remains in the top five invariably except at home to Silverstone, where he has dropped out. I heard, the 24-year-old driver is a performance model after arriving at Mercedes, imagining two wins for the Silver Arrows in Austin (October 23) and Singapore in 2022. After winning the first in the Premier Division, he still One racer said: “During the repave, we saw bumps on the track cleared, which will help us. A priori, that’s the best track for us.” Lewis Hamilton’s “charge” tendency of the season bumps, the rebound effect that terribly disturbed Hamilton at the start of the season. The long-time loser, the 37-year-old pilot, is less ferocious and more recent. has a more ambitious face in the morning with a very political tone, but the policy of small steps is alive and the Mercedes shows legitimate ambitions this weekend: “It’s a good track for us a priori. The circuit has strong downforce. It’s the best until the end of the season, but let’s be careful.” Lewis Hamilton has won four Singapore titles, the last time in 2018. Panorama Attention in high areas. “On paper, Singapore may be a good fit for us, but I emphasize ‘on paper’,” Wolff insists. It’s a winding circuit that can be comfortable for one person, but watch out for the kickback effect. It’s going to be a big challenge for us.” Just like finding the first steps on the podium, see also everything you need to know about the Paris SG-OGC Nice.
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