Car test this week. Electric Star Mercedes EQE 350

Look, they’re not mass electrifying at Mercedes-Benz. Following the ‘small’ EQA and EQB, they challenged the top rank with the EQS limousine, and now the E-Class electric car, the EQE sedan, is a little lacking in English. : ikiou-hi… But Mercedes’ E-Class is the epitome and absolute symbol of a German luxury sedan that has existed for decades and each generation shakes the competition. It is no exaggeration to say that this EQE presents a significant challenge for German manufacturers. We get a myth there… For the “regular” E-Class, which is the “small” S-Class, the EQE is a mini EQS. A little shorter (4.95m, all the same… it’s an absolute luxury on board. And good taste to believe that the decorations were signed by the Kardashian family or trendy rappers, though not always in Stuttgart, where chrome was sometimes slightly abused. Of course, it has a huge center screen that drives almost everything, but it’s easy to use even for someone with a digital disability like me, and best of all, a wooden dashboard (its name has never been so fitting!). Built in to create the most beautiful effect, it makes you feel as if you are riding a Riva. The counter block is digital but has an analog shape with needles, but is configurable for those who want to pilot a spaceship. The only wrong note is to proudly red It’s a color-coded seat belt, but why? It’s like finding a garter belt in a convent’s senior mother’s cupboard. The huge central tunnel that should have a gearbox is equally astonishing. No gearbox, electric and the only engine in the rear. Except that… when driving, the EQE 350 is quite impressive. If the E-Class is quiet, the EQE 350 is also quieter. But you know me, I miss the beautiful multi-cylinder melody. I’m not the only one Mercedes offers a disconnectable virtual sound that attempts to mimic the rotation, a waste of time oscillating between the buzz of a beetle and the buzz of a Star Wars spaceship… The 292 HP’s EQE, as you know, weighs in at 2.3 tonnes. It offers interesting performance without being vicious because it’s just that.. Anyway, it’s a non-GTI luxury sedan, but the chassis knows the slump, and in Sport mode it allows for a slight drift of the rear axle as well, and it doesn’t feel heavy at all on your hair. You have to check the superiority of the tailored suspension. As a result, the EQE is a great traveler, but how far? Agree, M The ercedes give you more than 600 km of autonomy while driving like your grandmother. In “normal” use, consumption is as low as 20 kW/h and can exceed 450 km. It’s not bad. However, the battery is 100% charged. However, electricity is the most expensive as it has more than about 80% of the charge and the remaining 20% ​​takes the longest to charge. So, if you charge twice to 80%, you can drive less than 400km. Which is starting to look pretty good. You have to admit it. Absolutely comfortable and classy, ​​especially since this Mercedes is a powerful machine capable of swallowing kilometers. What is the price? Okay, products from companies with stars don’t have a good reputation for being cheap. EQE does not fail to dominate the base price, 79,000 €. Options (head-up display, panoramic sunroof) allow easy access to 100,000 rounds of bullets. Even for a good car, it’s a decent amount. For comparison, the E-Class 220d is definitely less powerful and is trading at €65,000 while a similar hybrid is trading at €75,000. It’s up to you…
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