Mercedes: What new features are planned for 2022?

2022 will see the stars pour in with multiple AMG variants, from MPVs to extra-large electric SUVs. Auto-Moto has stock. Mercedes: What new features are planned for 2022? – Having won the new title of world champion in F1, Mercedes could take a big lead in 2022. It will sign the introduction of the new T-Class, which is more luxurious than the past and comes with a 100% electric EQT. At the multiple entry level of the A-Class to the Audi A3, we expect the Class A’s styling changes to resist its most recent competitors (Audi A3 and BMW Series 1). Stars and unique shields. We also know that the cabin will be equipped with six-spoke steering wheels in C, E and S classes, and the MBUX infotainment system will be upgraded. Under the hood, 48V micro-hybridization should generalize to petrol and diesel blocks. If all-electric Class A is not expected a priori, an improvement in zero-emission autonomy is expected in the 250e rechargeable hybrid group. After failing to inflate the sporting variant of the already well-equipped Class A, the soon-to-be-finished Family C will try to make the latest Class C roar in sedans as it does on station wagons. Shut down the V6 and V8 that expressed themselves under the hood of previous generations. Unfortunately, you have to be content with the four-cylinder. The first level of power will most certainly utilize the 421 hp of the Class A 45 S. The most extreme part is when it is rumored to add an electric motor that equals or even surpasses the 510 hp of the previous V8. GLC’s return in season 2 In the C family, Mercedes will also request an SUV alongside GLC’s second installment. Like the technically outgoing sedans, competitors from the Audi Q5 and BMW X3 will have reduced engine-side wings. It’s currently slump with the V6 and V8 due to its high-performance models, but replacement models should only accommodate supercharged and hybrid four-cylinders (48V and rechargeable). For gasoline, you’ll have to rely on a 1.5-liter with 204 horsepower at launch and two 2.0-liter diesels offering 200 and 265 horsepower. The first PHEV model combines a 1.5-liter 204 hp gasoline engine with a 129 hp electric motor powered by a 25.4 kWh battery, enhancing autonomy to reach 100 km. Slightly longer, the GLC “2” will exceed 4.70m by the same proportions as the C sedan, but will take care of the aerodynamics by lowering the flag. In terms of style, a recent prototype captured by our scoop hunter shows very slight changes in silhouette. The exterior amplifies the effect of a Panamericana-style inverted grille to combine with tapered optics. We also note the movement of mirrors on the “flag” style door. At the rear, the lights form a triangle pointing to the license plate, like the larger GLE. In 2022, it’s also time to review copies of the latter, which have substantially evolved, such as the A-Class, four years after launch. Centering around the new shield, the optics and grille refresh their current outlines, but require a redesign of the interior graphics. When it comes to the passenger compartment and engine, the modifications are certainly counted with the fingers of one hand. Very Heavy Electric The same policy will apply year-round to the mythical Class G before the introduction of a 100% electric variant called EQG next year. Meanwhile, from 2022, another SUV, unprecedented, will be added to the zero-emission range catalog. That’s the specific EQS ​​SUV that was shown at the Munich show last September. It was a study of the style with the Maybach logo, with a production model scheduled for 2023. The less ostentatious “basic” EQS crossover takes on a common silhouette that happily exceeds 5.20m in length, making it a virtuous opponent. of GLS. Inheriting the technology of the EQS sedan, the Pullman SUV promises autonomy of up to 770 km and output of up to 600 hp. Mercedes News: Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+ test: Hyper-space Mercedes EQE SUV: electrically tested in snow Mercedes EQB: 7-seater electric SUV from €64,150
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