It turns into a van with the new Mercedes T-Class Marco Polo.

At the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf this year, Mercedes will present the new T-Class transformed into a van equipped with this Marco Polo version. With the Mercedes T-Class, Mercedes is expanding its range of equipped vans by adding new entry-level models to the Marco Polo range. Therefore, the new German MPV based on the latest Renault Kangoo will be sold as a vehicle compact leisure vehicle thanks to the detachable Marco Polo module and will be sold in Mercedes dealerships. “The motorhome market is strategically important to us. We are constantly expanding our presence in this field. The new T-Class with the Marco Polo module is our answer to the growing demand for micro motorhomes, which are becoming increasingly popular, especially among the growing young van life fan community,” he said. Mercedes-Benz van. Mercedes T-Class Marco Polo: A must-have for couples This detachable Marco Polo module is installed directly into the boot hole on the rear of the Mercedes T-Class to transform it into a minivan. There is a double bed measuring 115 x 200 cm that can transform the back seat into a double bed. Ergonomic lying position. The frame with the mattress folded down while driving remains in the trunk, allowing the rear seats to be reused without restrictions. The module also comes with blackout elements for all windows and ventilation grilles with integrated mosquito nets between the window and frame of the front door. There are two storage compartments on either side for small items fixed between the C-pillar and D-pillar. Small, practical and affordable… the camper van is an alternative to classic camper vans. Is that correct? — AutoPlus (@AutoPlusMag) July 23, 2022 Mercedes T-Class Marco Polo: Optional Mini Kitchen Also the Marco Polo module can be enriched as an option . Several pieces of equipment provide a real little kitchen in the back of the vehicle: drawer system, sink with 12 liter water tank, 15 liter cooler, gas cartridge stove and plenty of storage space. Cutlery, crockery and food. Two camping chairs and a table signed by Mercedes also come with the module. The table has two different feet so it can be installed both outside and inside, connecting with the back seat and giving you the benefits of a real living room. seat. Read more:• Motorhomes and equipped vans: Why are they popular? • Second-hand motorhomes: tips for a successful purchase • Motorhomes: 5 must-have accessories for the Mercedes T-Class Marco Polo: Available at the Düsseldorf Motor Show . The Marco Polo module for the Mercedes T-Class will be on sale by the end of 2022, pricing to be announced at a later date. With the help of others, you can easily install it in a few simple steps. So converting your Mercedes T-Class into a revamped minivan takes just a few minutes and can be reversed at any time. The Mercedes T-Class Marco Polo will be on display at the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon, open to the public from 27 August to 4 September 2022. The 250,000 m² is spread over 16 pavilions and Mercedes will present its latest novelties in terms of leisure vehicles. Vans, campers, converted vans, this is the latest fad in France. Sales have exploded since closing…+40%. Welcome to the free land. “Van, Motorhome: A Holiday of Total Freedom” Sunday 6:40pm #GrandFormat @M6 @CASALTAoff — 66Minutes (@66Minutes) May 7, 2022

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