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Used Mercedes A-Class (2012-2018): which one to choose?

Launched in 2012, the Mercedes Class A is truly revolutionizing. Away from the city car presented in the form of a unibody body that captured the hearts of grandmothers, the new A-Class is aimed at young people. Then this compact gets a dynamic, chic style with almost torturous lines on the sides. But without any anger at the Audi designers who thought the classicity of the A3 would be their best bet, this Class A turned its head in true passion. It remains a very good choice to this day, with a nice interior and a wide selection of engines. The drive has a dynamic nature. The finish is a notch below the C-Class, and reliability isn’t necessarily exemplary. Too bad considering the price! Prefer cars with up-to-date maintenance books and if possible follow up with Mercedes for as long as possible. Class A type 176 Phase 1: 2012-2015 This first phase is very broad given the immediate success of the model launched in France. The style has already succeeded and is much less than the next step. Class A Type 176 Phase 2: From 2015 to 2018, Mercedes reimagines its Class A mid-term career with redesigned shields, new colors and new alloy wheels. Inside, the center screen is larger and the side borders are thinner. Mercedes Classe A 250 Sport – engine to choose or avoid in the 2012 Class A A160 102 hp: If you are looking for driving pleasure, avoid it! A180 122 hp: limited power, but this engine is not unpleasant every day. A200 156 hp: more pleasant than the previous engine, but not sporty. A220 4MATIC 184 hp: performance is pleasant and the grip A250 211 hp 4 wheel drive takes it to the top. For this model it is already a compact GTI with high performance. A45 AMG: The most powerful version delivers 360 hp at launch. Then the turbocharged 2.0 four-cylinder increases to 381 horsepower from 2015. A160d 90 hp: Renault engine with unfortunately limited power. to avoid. A180 CDI/d 109 hp/116 hp: Widely distributed and easy-to-find engines including AMG packs. The acknowledgment is very accurate. Renault engines boasting high reliability and longevity. A200 CDI/d 136 hp: Performance is improved and driving pleasure at this level of power is really good. A220 CDI / d 170 hp / 177 hp: the most powerful diesel engine and the most comfortable. Often comes with 4MATIC all-wheel drive. Best Inspiration Version: Standard equipment for 2015 includes 17-inch alloy wheels, power folding exterior mirrors, sports seats, reversing camera, cruise control speed limiter, left exterior and interior day/day mirrors. automatic night time. Sensation: In addition to the Inspiration version, the addition of a leather steering wheel with perforated grip areas and contrasting stitching, an instrument cluster with a checkered flag finish and a cylindrical dial with red needles, daytime running lights and high-performance headlamps with LED technology. “Coming Home” blue lighting function, dual zone automatic climate control and dual exhaust vents. Attraction: Exterior includes AMG 18-inch alloy wheels, AMG body kit with front and rear skirts, tinted rear windows, perforated front brake discs, Dynamic Select 4 drive mode system, stainless steel sport pedals, front/rear Go to AMG Source. Large 8-inch screen with parking assistance system and navigation. Mercedes Class A Reliability of the restyled Mercedes Class A – Injectors: Rapid contamination of the diesel engine – Electronics: Some malfunctions, such as an external thermometer – Interior furniture: Parasitic noise from 50,000 km – Sealing: Sealing problems in the horizontal trunk – 160 / 180 CDI Engine: Weaknesses of Dual Mass Flywheel – 200 / 220 CDI Engine: Oil Leak Problem Alert – Clutch: Premature Wear – 180 Engine: Unsteady Idle How to Buy a Mercedes Class A Mercedes A-Class or other used models, and if you’re looking for a good deal We have prepared the Roulez Gratuit program, a way to save money.
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