I test drove the Mercedes-Benz EQE, the strength of a 100% electric sedan.

Why is Zapping Autonews Green LPG cheaper than petrol and diesel? Mercedes sedans range from the S-Class for sergeants and heads of state to the E-Class for heavy-duty transporters to the C-Class for the illustrious family. , all of which are battery-powered, with a small fraction of them off each segment. While waiting for the EQC sedan to rival the C-Class, there was already a 5.22m long EQS in the catalog from 2021, which will probably be replaced with the addition of a 4.95m EQE 1.5cm longer than the current E-Class. A brand with stars after overheating cut-off due as early as 2030 In the meantime, here are three points that particularly appealed to us in our recent test of this Mercedes-Benz EQE: ComfortLaunch Slideshow Mercedes EQE | German Electric Road Car Test Photo + 72Mercedes EQE (2022)Photo Credit – The Mercedes EQE takes into account every component of vehicle comfort, from flexible suspension to excellent filtration with controlled damping tires, to make your trip pleasant. Combined with the optional 3.12 m long wheelbase, this increases stability and reduces body movement. The seats are comfortable and the backrest is firmer, providing adequate support for long trips, and there is room for rear passengers. The raised floor is complemented by the reclining (short length) seatbacks, creating a more flexed position than usual, although the placement is quite unusual so that the thighs are not left in the air. Without double glazing. The very good aerodynamics of the body (Cx 0.22) are rounded, low and long, which greatly contributes to this reduction of air noise. Interior Atmosphere Slideshow Begins Mercedes EQE | German electric road car + 72Mercedes EQE (2022) test photo – MercedesFinishes and materials represent the first point of contact where the quality standards of this EQE are placed. Very clean premium cabin in modern form The sportier version of the AMG 53 can be equipped with an optional glass surface that covers the entire dashboard and accommodates three screens. Other versions take the form of this dashboard, but replace the screen with a wide trim that allows you to configure your materials with a variety of choices. Above this trim, a smaller screen (12.8 inches) sits vertically like a tilt tablet. Renderings are both technical and elegant, and at sunset, standard ambient lighting directly or diffuses the outlines of all furnishings, providing color effects and 64 personalized colors. The rear of the front seats are also equipped with light strips that show off the silhouette in the dark. On-board technology slideshow begins Mercedes EQE | German Electric Road Car + 72Mercedes EQE (2022) Test Photos – Latest Generation MBUX System MercedesBetween Combining Center Screen and Digital Instruments (12.3-inch) It can entice tech enthusiasts without difficulty. Depending on the equipment, cameras around the vehicle can remotely send images to phone applications in the event of a crash, and GPS can display instructions in augmented reality. Live images taken from the road, the Burmester audio system with 15 710W speakers emits customized sound to make driving more vivid during acceleration and recovery phases. Side support with massage function, not to mention voice control. “Hey Mercedes” has evolved with the understanding of everyday language. Although it cannot satisfy all requests, much attention has been paid to lighting. Possibility to choose “Digital Light” optics, each consisting of 13 million mirrors for direct display of information Everything is most accurate, whether warning pedestrians or turning on full headlights without dazzling other road users: German electric road car + 72Mercedes EQE (2022) test photo – Mercedes rather cool and substantial battery with a net capacity of 89 kWh Even the Mercedes EQE with the driver is very heavy at 2,355 kg with the driver, which is felt when cornering or braking the pedals lack consistency and sometimes show brutality in the transition between regenerative braking and the pads on the disc. If not, then the trunk lacks a volume of that size. At 430 liters, less than a station wagon. Penalties for traveling with multiple people (probably a little less for professionals transporting people) Finally EQE from 75,000 € It’s well worth it, but it includes very impeccable staff as standard: entry-level finishes, for example, a panoramic roof offered as a free option and a steered rear wheel for €1,600 (almost essential to reducing the town’s large turning circles) While offering a top finish AMG line that basically adds a design element, this rig is only billed as a variant in which the rear wheel’s turn reaches 10° instead of 4.5°, but prevents the choice of a 21″ rim and best of all, from 7,000 €. It charges a “premium pack”. The panoramic roof charges a “Premium Plus Pack” for €10,560 on this AMG line finish. So, depending on which version you prefer, the price can go up quickly. In a nutshell, our journalist testers test drive the Mercedes EQE and list the advantages of a 100% electric sedan, second only to the EQS in the Mercedes catalog. Indoor atmosphere, onboard technology. Without forgetting “weak points” or at least something that might make you think before you buy. MenLife: The everyday men’s network
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