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When Marco Marinello starts talking, we forget time. His story is interesting, entertaining and engaging. For example, when he says that at 17 he already owns a Porsche 356 but doesn’t have a driver’s license yet. That didn’t stop him from doing his business training across Zurich in a sports car. He burst into laughter. “The beast has already rusted. But it had the Carrera GT’s VDM steering wheel, which alone is worth 10,000 francs today. And how much did he pay for this vehicle? “Two summers in a row I mowed my brother-in-law’s lawn…” And he recalls every Porsche 356 he bought as a child from farmers, sometimes for fifty francs, sometimes just for a cup of coffee. An old car in the shape of a crescent that has been rusting for years in the meadow. Since 1975, Switzerland has banned the dumping of these scrap piles on unstable ground, and farmers have been forced to clear the antiques. “The best way to recognize a vehicle is to completely disassemble it and find spare parts that are still available. Marco Marinello took 15 years to complete the collection. Marco Marinello’s story then proceeds through the vegetable trade, Canada and Mexico, where he meets his future wife, Carol, and, together with Elevenparts, becomes one of the Classic Porsche’s reference addresses. We are in the early to mid 1970s. In addition to his family business, Marinello is responsible for the European representation of Stoddard, an American distributor of Porsche parts. Chuck Stoddard then has to create a classic car division for Porsche, PSP, Porsche Special Products. Marinello, who speaks six languages, is also there and maintains a very close relationship with his founding family. The project failed, but Marinello is already too eager to return to his original job. His passion turns into a profession. Fortunately for the Porsche community, many of the products Elevenparts have in stock can’t be found anywhere else. Impressive Collection In 1975, Marinello competed for the first time at the Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring circuit. There he meets a Swedish journalist (obviously forgot his name) who walks around with a file under his arm. A conversation begins and the Swedish wants to sell brochures and Porsche documents. The two eventually run a business, and Marinello becomes infected with the virus. “Collecting is an addiction,” he confides in his office with hundreds or thousands of Porsche books. It’s amazing that there can be so many books in one brand! There are also linear meters from commercial and technical literature. And hundreds of scale models of every possible and imaginable scale. Photos, posters, works of art. And, of course, his collection of Christophorus issues. The Porsche Customer Magazine celebrates its 400th and 70th anniversary. Marinello took 15 years to complete the collection. Obviously the first four problems were the hardest to find. They were the most expensive. Otherwise, I had to haggle for a long time. Marinello really needs to write a memoir. His knowledge is vast. “The rarest number is probably the third number,” he explains. “The first two issues were still distributed free of charge to customers at Porsche dealerships. However, few knew that the third issue required unsubscribing. This explains why this number disappeared from the radar screen. Porsche obviously had to throw away thousands of copies because nobody wanted it. Marco Marinello doesn’t have all the books written about Porsche. But with many original versions, there are all the important ones. Of course, he also has Marco Marinello, who is in third place. Neatly tied together in one impressive volume with the other first numbers. Sewn brochures, leather bindings, gold leaf: “Measured in a prison in Ticino. He even remembers his price. In 1962 Christophorus changed the format and Marinello needed a new binding. From 1992, issue 236, the magazine is housed in the official Porsche box. “But there is only the German version, otherwise there will be no end,” he says. The brochure is different, especially for the first copy (which is also still made by Gmünd, another Marinello specialty). He wants everything in every language, in every print version and in every engine variant. Did I say addiction? He assumes. Clearly he is passionate, but he remembers Christophorus’ first father-in-law: Huschke von Hanstein, Porsche’s public relations director (and racing director) between 1952 and 1968, and Richard von Frankenberg, the true brain of Christophorus, editor-in-chief. Chief from 1952 to 1973. “As you can see from Issue 1, this magazine created a wonderful playground for the two of them to let their passions run wild. Marinello hasn’t always been patiently waiting for the next issue he “has had a spare time”, but lately he’s been happy again, and he’s got plenty of regional editions too. The embodiment of knowledge Marinello isn’t a madman of order as much as a walking encyclopedia. He knows exactly where this or that book is, this model he wants to compliment you on, and this number of Christophorus with a picture he absolutely wants to show you. Marinello says softly. But everything he says makes sense. His stories are great and his supply of anecdotes is endless. His memory is so marvelous that it almost became a memory of Porsche history itself. Because there are few secrets to the outstanding vehicles, chassis numbers, race wins and driver names, and the documents to back them up prove it to you! A true gentleman and very reserved Marinello is respected and feared for his incredible knowledge. Whatever vehicle he’s in, the discussion isn’t delayed and he’s perfectly aware of what’s going on. He is not a scholar, he is the embodiment of knowledge! As time passes, a festival of anecdotes and stories unfolds. The Swiss somewhat reduced his activity, but his company Elevenparts remains an essential address for Porsche spare parts, especially in very rare cases. Marco Marinello really needs to write a memoir. His knowledge is vast and it is unimaginable that all of this could be lost. Information text is from Porsche Christophorus magazine, No. First posted on 403. Copyright: All images, video and audio files published in this article are protected by copyright. Dr. Reproduction or representation in whole or in part without the written permission of Ing is prohibited. hc F. Porsche AG is not approved. For more information, please contact
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