F1 US Grand Prix Announcement and Schedule

After passing through Asia for the Singapore and Japanese Grand Prix, F1 is now the Americas, competing in three of the season’s last four races. The first of these will take place this weekend at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin. The track has been hosting Formula 1 since 2012, and this event will be the 10th event with a one-year suspension due to COVID-19. On the side of the track that appears on the calendar since 2012, Circuit of the Americas immediately gained unanimous support. The clever combination of direction changes and technical sections is a real challenge for cars and drivers. The first corner, the hairpin climb, offers impressive views as the first 20 singles collide. Turn 1 – The pole position and turn 1 are 500m apart, but the drop reaches over 40m and enters one turn at the top. The track is very wide to provide a variety of trajectories for overtaking. Turn 3 – Entrance to Les Esses. 3 turns at full throttle in 7th gear and then a very fast right-left-right shift that requires high downforce. Corner 8/9 – Watch out for the curb in Corner 9. The car arrives from corner 8 negotiated at 130 km/h. To keep the old model within reach of DRS, the shutdown must succeed. Turn 11 – This slow second gear turn leads to the longest straight line on the circuit. A good exit is important to facilitate or prevent overtaking. Turn 12 – At 330 km/h at the end of a straight line of 1 km, the heavy braking of turn 12 represents your best chance of overtaking the track. Turn 13/16 – A continuation of a slow turn with many duel scenes in recent editions. 17/18 Turn – Front fins are set to prevent understeer on this double left. This corner should be swallowed max with the new F1. Turn 19 – A small, moderately fast curve that is easy to go wide. Turn 20 – The last corner leads to a pit straight and a second DRS area. Factions that exist How can you imagine anything other than a Red Bull victory in Austin, where the Milton Keynes team hasn’t lost since July 10 at the Austrian Grand Prix? On the circuit he won last year, Max Verstappen will be a favorite. From behind, Ferrari was able to provide some resistance again in the qualifiers with Charles Leclerc, who might be aiming for a pole position. But we know the Maranello team’s race is more difficult. Mercedes could struggle a bit, depending on how Austin’s bumps affect the W13. Behind the scenes we expect to see the Alpine F1 again in its fourth force in the field, with questions about the possibility that the team will need to get closer to Mercedes in terms of performance. American Grand Prix Time American Grand Prix time is the most recent season, starting at 9:00 PM each day and practice ends after midnight on Friday and Saturday. – Friday, October 21st 9pm-10pm: Free Practice 1 00:00-1:30am: Free Practice 2 – Saturday, October 22nd, 9pm United YearCircuitWinnerTeam 1908 Savannah Louis Wagner Fiat 1910 David SBren1 David Bruce-Bruce-Bruce1 Fiat 1912 Milwaukee Caleb Bragg Fiat 1914 Santa Monica Eddie Pullen Mercer 1915 San Francisco Dario Resta Peugeot 1916 Santa Monica Howdy Wilcox / Johnny Aitken Peugeot 1958 Riverside Chuck Daigh Scarab-1958 Riverside Chuck Daigh Scarab-Chevrolet 1959 G -Climax 1962 Watkins Glen Jim Clark Lotus-Climax 1963 Watkins Glen Graham Hill BRM 1964 Watkins Glen Graham Hill BRM 1965 Watkins Glen Graham Hill BRM 1966 Watkins Glen Jim Clark Lotus-BRM Watkins Glen Jim Clark Lotus-BRM 1967 Glen Jackie Stewart Matra-Ford 1969 Watkins Glen Joch Rindt Lotus-Ford 1970 Watkins Glen Emerson Fittipaldi Lotus-Ford 1971 Watkins Glen François Cevert Tyrrell-Ford 1972 Watkins Glen Jackie Stewart Tyrrell-Ford 1973 Watkins Glen Ronnie Peterson 1989 Phoenix Alain Frost McLaren-Honda 1990 Phoenix Alain Frost McLaren-Honda -Honda 1991 Phoenix Ayrton Senna McLaren -Honda 2000 Indiana Napolis Michael Schumacher Ferrari 2001 Indianapolis Ferrari Mika Hackinen 2001 Indianapolis Schumacher 2002 Indianapolis Austin Lewis Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes 2013 Austin Sebastian Vettel Red Bull-Renault 2014 Austin Lewis Hamilton 2014 Austin Lewis Hamilton A Mercedes201 Your Mercedes 2018 Austin Kimi Räikön Ferrari 2018 2019 Austin Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 2021 Austin Max Verstappen Red Bull-Honda
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