Prince Julian watched his father’s Porsche win for the first time.

Prince Carl Philip took part in the last race of the year in the Porsche Sprint Challenge Scandinavia at the Mantorp Park circuit. In the final of the championship, Prince Carl Philip was able to believe in the existence of his father, King Carl XVI Gustav, and his wife and sons. One-year-old Prince Julian stood in the stands for the first time. READ ALSO: Prince Julian attends his father’s Porsche race on the podium Prince Carl Philip has won two Porsche Sprints at Mantorf Park. The Porsche Sprint Challenge Scandinavia 2021-2022 concluded with a race this weekend at the Mantorff Park Circuit in Mjelbee. The championship will be held at the Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia, another championship previously attended by Prince Carl Philippe. The Sprint Championship consists of 14 races and 6 weekend competitions (6 in Sweden and 1 in Norway). The competition consists of two sprint races of 20 minutes each. Prince Carl Philip of Sweden won two races in his Porsche on 30 September and 1 October 2022. Prince Carl Philip takes his eldest son to the circuit. Prince Carl Philip’s cousin and mother-in-law were there to support Prince Carl Philip, 43. He is pursuing a career as a professional racing driver by the name of Carl Philip Bernadotte. Under the proud gaze of his father, he won both races this weekend. Carl XVI Gustaf, 76, is a huge fan of royal road racing and didn’t want to miss this important race for his son. Princess Sofia traveled to Mjölby in Östergötland county to participate in her husband’s race. Princess Sophia took two of her three children with her. Prince Alexander, the eldest of six, was not present. Prince Carl Philip takes his second son, Prince Gabriel, in his arms on the backstage, where he is reunited with King Carl XVI Gustav. A summer photo of five Prince Julian watches as their father wins with Princess Sofia, King Carl Gustav, Prince Gabriel (5) and Prince Julian (1), this weekend drew the lens of photographers as little as runners. It must be said that the image of Prince Julian is rather rare. Prince Julian, who received the title of Duke of Haland, is 7th in line to the Swedish throne. The appearance of the little prince after his baptism in August 2021 is rather rare. Prince Julian is now up and feeling very good at Mantorp Park this Saturday. (Photo: Johan Valkonen/Stella Pictures/ABACAPRESS.COM) Surprise! The Little Prince stood in the stands this Saturday. He witnessed his father’s victory on the podium, spraying champagne on his competitors. Little Julian was fascinated by the glass trophy that Prince Carl Philip received. Prince Gabriel’s resemblance to his mother attracts more attention. Patrick Sommerlath, King Carl XVI Gustaf, Princess Sofia in a hat and little Prince Julia in their arms. Marie Hellqvist also spent this family moment with Prince Gabriel and was present to support her son-in-law (Photo: Johan Valkonen / Stella Pictures / ABACAPRESS.COM). Other family members of Carl Philip were also present to support him. Princess Sofia’s mother, Marie Hellqvist, shared this family moment. We also found Patrick Sommerlath, Queen Silvia’s nephew and Prince Carl Philip’s cousin who took out his camera to immortalize his cousin’s bravery. Nicolas Fontaine Senior Editor Nicolas Fontaine has been working as a freelance web editor since 2014. After working as a copywriter and writer for numerous Belgian and French brands and media, he specializes in royalty news. Nicolas is currently the editor-in-chief of Histoires royales.
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