Le SUV GLC : le modèle plus vendu dans le monde, mais pas le plus rentable.

Summer Series – How’s … Mercedes

It’s a record. Mercedes plans to put €60 billion on the table for the transition to electric vehicles by 2026. Of course, that amount is less than the 70 billion VW prepaid on the same scale. However, VW invests in five major brands (Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche), while the Stuttgart star, which removed its Smart subsidiary, is a single brand. This “Colossal” investment was made late last year with the clear goal of advancing the 2035 ban on thermal imaging vehicles. From 2025, all architectures of new cars will be exclusively electric. risky bet? Not if Europe upholds the directive and the star’s leaders have approved a vote in Strasbourg on June 9, setting a transition deadline. EQXX: A solid idea for the future of Mercedes Waiting for 2025, the EQ catalog, the “family” of electric Mercedes, is growing every month. There are already five models, adding a sixth, the EQE SUV we’ll discover on October 16th. But aren’t the prices too high, from a “small” EQA of €44,000 to an impressive EQS of €135,000 (without options)? And isn’t EV mode likely to play a conservative customer base like Mercedes? Heading towards electricity and luxury In terms of price, electric models in Stuttgart are clearly more expensive than thermal models. So today the world’s best-selling Mercedes, the GLC SUV, will be on display as its 300th rechargeable hybrid model for 61,300 euros. The EQC, a watt variant, starts at 79,000 euros, but additional equipment greatly limits the difference. And Mercedes customers seem ready to jump in. Proof of the most expensive EQS in the house electric park. More than 30,000 copies have already been ordered since the beginning of the year. Clearly, the classic and thermal S-Class still score almost doubling, but the good numbers for electric and a 145% increase over the year give Mercedes confidence in its luxury and electric choice. Because it is a double revolution in which Mercedes is involved. On the one hand, Stuttgart is giving up its heat, and on the other hand, the brand is betting on a move to the luxury market. It’s already premium, so it should be a true luxury brand. So some models like Class A and B can pay the price, at least in basic finish. Also higher and stronger: this is Mercedes’ ambition, supported by subsidiaries AMG and the Maybach label. Both will be used intensively from 2024. Dashboard at EQS: Come on, this new Mercedes-era true Trojan, the EQXX concept car, with its radical design and over 1,000 km of autonomy, can inspire the first production models of this new era in less than two years. In addition, the supercar and ultra limited series called luxury. In addition to the Maybach and AMG “collections”, this is a planned offer. Because this very special and very expensive series is called “myth”, it is grouped under a sign with a specific name that may cause some jokes. It is understood that Mercedes has adopted the slogan “Keep making money, sell more and more expensively”. It is a slogan widely shared in the automotive industry today. Money, except that it takes a lot of money to succeed in switching to pure electricity and switching to luxury. In particular, the star is trying to differentiate itself from other luxury brands through a technological orgy that requires a lot more investment than simply developing a powerful Aston Martin-style model. Two entities to fund the revolution This is why the company simply changed its name. The original parent company, Daimler, simply became the Mercedes-Benz Group. Separating car and heavy vehicle activity isn’t just about looks. This is because two separate entities can each enter the stock market and raise funds. Automakers need to know not only how to build cars, but also how to raise billions of dollars.
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