Tour Chrono – Porsche Cayman GT4 RS: Is it the best?

There are three types of sports cars. People who work and do not move. Things we think we need in our garage. Finally, where it’s hard to find words to suppress the rush of emotions at the end of the exam and describe all the good things you think about it. I understand what category the GT4 RS belongs to. I had the privilege of discovering this enthusiastic Porsche in Portugal a few months ago. Giving in to the mechanical wrath of the 911 GT3’s 4 liters in a small Cayman like some of my prominent colleagues, amazed by the metal partitions and amazed by the feel of the road, I had a lot of good things to say about it. But the second passing exam is rarely so exhilarating. Love at first sight is behind us and flaws are surfaced. For the GT4 RS, the main complaint is about damping. Highway billiards still pass by, but as soon as the bitumen is wrinkled or corrugated, the vertebrae are expensive. There are buttons to adjust the suspension, but it’s for the track, which further enhances compression and rebound. First of all, there is a very unfavorable problem of rear vision. In the center, the top of the mirror is filled with a carbon ironing board, and from the side there is a wing ball branded GT4 RS that obstructs the view. So we can’t see anything. So the GT4 RS is gorgeous. If the finish isn’t to blame, the very dark look and the very small center screen are outdated. As I said: A second meeting gnaws at your first love. But at the end of this supertest, a question arises. What if it was the best Porsche? GT3, GT3 RS, GT2 RS front? The reason why the answer does not come from the source… The fastest car in the world is too powerful to judge from a normal 0-100 km/h. From now on, 0-300 km/h is the real thing. Here are the top 12 of these extreme machines! — Sport Auto (@SportAutoMag) September 30, 2022 Music, Master! In terms of pure performance, our frame with an atypical colorimetric composition is disappointing. There are two reasons. First, when Porsche was leased, the Mortefontaine test base was privatized and had to retreat to the unfamiliar Montlhéry road circuit. Second, the tea was delivered to us with the very well established Michelin Cup 2, which is not the Cup 2 Rs that would allow for great lap times. The GT4 RS can repeat fire control exercises over and over again, but to no avail, and unable to achieve the promised 3”4. 3”8 speeding from 0 to 100 km/h, that’s not enough. However, the immediate loss of traction on departure confirms that the Auvergne tires have exceeded their optimum shooting range. This is not a good sign for the Vigeant. The 1,000m DA was shot at 21 inches, which makes this 718 on par with 2017’s F-Type SVR or the radical Donkervoort GTO 40. A trip to Val de Vienne is expected. At legal speed, the regulator is just over 3,500 rpm in 7th and final gear. You can almost hear him converse with Clément, and his comfort is jeopardized but acceptable. “The sound after 8,000 rpm is really crazy,” adds the photographer. It’s up to me to prove it to him. The valve opens in the mid-range. The bass agrees and the drummer raises the rhythm. At around 6,500 rpm it’s brass that honestly works with the metallic range. Clement with a banana. He hasn’t heard anything yet because the finale is simply grandiose. Located in the center of the passenger compartment, the Flat 6 appears much more natural than the GT3 (turns 180°). But what makes this experience special is the completely modified admission compared to her older sister. We feel the piston vibrate in the kidneys, and we feel the hind legs droop as the tachometer goes up. Then comes 8000 rpm. At this rate, the regular GT4 is giving up and we can’t stand it. RS shoots your eardrums. It will be interesting to know if the noise levels are high without the Weissach pack that adds carbon air intakes to the titanium exhaust, deep bucket seats and roll cage. “What is that?! Clement shouts. One of the most exhilarating mechanical experiences I’ve ever had. Read more: New Porsche 911 GT3 RS (2022): Approved track Porsche 911 GT3 R (2023): New “track” 565 hp for WEC – Porsche 963 LMDh successfully tested in Daytona in front of GT3 – It’s time to turn the wheel to Christoph, who is always more balanced than a journalist and detects sports car glitches in just a few laps. Even if it’s for track day only like this GT4 RS, it goes back to the front of the box to lower the pressure: “Crazy like cash! “The 65 confirms what we expected. No, the GT4 RS isn’t just a marketing stunt to impress organ lovers. This 718 is cut for the circuit. “Honestly, I think the new Cup 2 Rs are ahead of the GT3. Of course, we’ll remember our Cayman of the day has a Rennsport badge and its performance on the track is very legit. The standard 718 couldn’t have worried about the circuit queen GT3 in terms of efficiency. Emphasis on notes Now that’s done, I must say the crocodile has been reworked from head to toe Double front spring stiffness (+80% at rear), increased negative camber that can be increased up to 2.2°, wider Tracks, modified mechanical self-locking (30% in traction, 37% in thrust), thinner rear windows, bonnet and fenders made of carbon: this RS needs to express the circuit and the Le Vigeant is perfect for that. Driving to the limit has always been a concern for me, non-drivers are struggling to understand just how well the natural efficiency of this architecture can withstand my mischief. . In summary, on the 911, the backpack feels too heavy on the go. Not at all in the Cayman. Friend Tinseau confirms, “You need a certain amount of leeway to see who finds this car.” “There is potential to add more. She is willing to accept it and does not see herself as picky in fast driving. Her reaction can be surprising when she uses her violence against her. » First Double Light: Take a wide before diving with the rope. The GT4 RS agrees to oversteer in good faith while remaining perfectly parallel to the ground. The sequence before reaching “Too fast” gives me a chip, but once again Cayman is reassuringly neutral and very effective. It’s hard not to admit this astonishing effect, when the double-front wishbones woke the GT3 to its peak. As the chassis has been modified, the GT4 RS retains the McPherson-like. One of the many advantages of this version is its handling. Steering, durable brakes (in our model’s carbon ceramic), vibrator response, ergonomics, driving position, visibility (front): whatever your sports car past, this Cayman is built for every size, every driving style. It’s like. Not to mention the gearbox, another major mechanical advantage. Since it’s actually a PDK, some people may be fooled by the shape of the gear knob, but I dare say it’s perfect. Forget the endless stratification that bothers me so often. The pinion gear and axle ratios are taken from the 991 GT3 RS Phase 2 and the dual-mass flywheel is from the GT4 Clubsport (Type 982). Sure, the paddles attached to the pretty Alcantara steering wheel are worth a few centimeters more, but this double-clutch box responds with glare and intelligence. Only the PDK Sport program lacks responsiveness to the headstock, so the report lasts too long. “What a crazy car!” Christoph shouted as he put me in his sandbag. They performed a really sensational trick. Obviously, love at first sight is contagious. 🚨 Automatic sports kiosk notification n°728! “A special new arrival: Lightning strikes the sportswoman!” ⚡ 📑 New Product ⚙️ Essay 💡 Tech Sheet ⚡ Comparison 📕 n°728 number is available online ➡️ or directly at the newsstand! Tweeter 81.5mm Compression ratio: 13.3 Maximum engine speed: 9,000 rpm Maximum power: 500 hp at 8,400 rpm Output per liter: 125 hp/l Maximum torque: 45.9 mkg at 6,750 rpm Torque per liter: 11.5 Transmission wheel: 11.5 rearmkg 7 gear, dual clutch self-locking : Mechanical standard Traction control: switchable to standard SCx – Cx: 0.67 – 0.33 Suspension: pseudo-McPherson, controlled shock absorbers, anti-roll bar Steering: rack and pinion, variable electromechanical support Steering wheel turn/turn circle: 2.6 turns/ 11.4 m front/rear brakes: 408 mm ventilated and drilled discs, 6-piston calipers/ventilated and drilled 380 discs mm, 4-piston calipers (carbon-ceramic discs option) Anti-lock Braking System: Standard Manufacturer/Test Weight: 1,415/1,491 kg Front/Rear: 44/56% Weight/Power Ratio: 3 kg/hp L – l – h: 4,456 – 1,822 – 1,267 mm Wheelbase: 2,482 mm Front/Rear Track: 1,545/1,542 mm Wheel: 8.5 x 11 ZR 20 Front and rear tires: 245/35 and 295/30 ZR 20 Tank: 54 l (90 l option) Base price: €144,485 Option/fine price: €40,152/40 €000 Tested model price: €224,637 Comments of Sylvain Vétaux We were waiting for confirmation that the GT4 RS was a really cool tool that track day enthusiasts wanted and we got it. It is in the logic of things that journalists light the fire for such machines. It wasn’t clear if professional pilots were involved. More lively than the GT3, cheaper on the same-tired track and almost equally efficient, this Cayman proves the 718’s chassis can withstand extreme conditions. Discover the “Chrono Tour” of the Porsche Cayman GT4 RS at Sport Auto n°727 on 07-29 2022.

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